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Monthly Jackpot Competition is here with lots of exciting prizes where you could win a brand new Hyundai Eon Car and more.

There are other prizes to be won like Gold worth up to Rs. 25,000, Bank Gift Card worth up to Rs10,000 and Daily Recharge.

Don't waste time and quickly start playing this simple Quiz Contest at Rs.35 on your mobile and play for a chance to win.

If you are smart enough to answer questions like “What is the Capital of India?” or “How many players are there in a Cricket Team?” or something as simple as “What is 3+3=?” then it is time to participate in Monthly Jackpot Competition. Now, all you need is a basic mobile phone and just Rs.35 balance to answer such simple questions and WIN prizes.

Monthly Jackpot Competition starts on 11th May and ends on 9th June 2018.


How to start playing?

There are four very simple ways to activate this competition.

  • By Calling – 56703 toll-free. To answer, press 1 or 2 on your phone keypad.
  • By SMS – Send PLAY to 56703. To answer, reply with A or B.
  • By USSD – Dial *567*7# to get charged and then continue playing on IVR or SMS.
  • By OBD – Attend the OBD call to give your consent and get charged. Once you are successfully charged, you can continue playing on IVR or SMS.



For each right answer, you will get 1 point. There is no negative mark for wrong answer.


Grand Prizes:

Bumper Prize – Rs. 4 Lakhs worth Hyundai Eon

Here is an awesome chance to win a Hyundai Eon car worth up to Rs.4 Lakh. Play in Monthly Jackpot Competition for a chance to win.

First Prize – Rs. 25,000 worth Gold Card.

Great Golden chance is here where you could win a Gold Card worth up to Rs 25,000 by giving 25 right answers in Monthly Jackpot Competition. Keep Going.

Second Prize- Rs. 10,000 worth Bank Gift Card.

Never miss a chance where you could win a Bank Gift Card worth up to Rs 10,000. Play and score 10 points for this winning chance.

Daily Early Bird Prize – Rs.100 worth Mobile Recharge.

A smart way to win up to Rs. 100 recharge or Rs.100 will be credited to your postpaid bill. Answer just 1 easy question correctly for a chance to win this prize.


To Stop Getting Reminders / Score Messages

Now this is something you would not want to do. But, if you are not that interested in using the opportunity and want us to stop reminding you about the quiz, then send SMS STOP to 56703 or Call 56703 and follow the instructions.

In case of further doubts/clarifications, you could drop us a mail at: contest@onmobile.com

We also suggest you read the terms and conditions before you start playing. Click here


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