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Vodafone’s GRAND DHAMAAL Competition comes to an end.

GRAND DHAMAAL COMPETITION started on 21 May 2018 and ended on 18 August 2018.


Eligible Participants who had completed the competition successfully will WIN the below prizes if they fulfilled all the winner selection criteria.   

Bumper Prize: A Hyundai Creta Car.

Zone Bumper Prize: A Gold Card worth up to Two Lakhs Rupees.

Weekly Bumper Prize: An Air Conditioner worth up to Thirty Thousand Rupees.

Weekly Prize: Smartphone worth up to Fifteen THOUSAND Rupees.

Circle Bumper Prize: Bank Card worth up to One LAKH Rupees.

Daily 1st Prize: Recharge worth One Thousand Rupees.

Daily 2nd Prize: Mobile Recharge up to One HUNDRED RUPEES.

Daily Early Bird Gratification: Mobile Recharge up to FIFTY RUPEES.


Winner Selection:

Winner Selection is in progress. Please keep visiting Winner’s Gallery for update! 


In case of any enquiry regarding Winner Selection results, drop us an e-mail: contest@onmobile.com


Wish you all the best for an amazing winning chance!